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X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System


The new X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System from the imaging specialists at Logos Biosystems provides an all-in-one solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing.
Combining an innovative electrode design and an integrated cooling system, the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System allows for rapid and consistent tissue clearing.
Transparent tissues are easily obtained with the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System.
Precellys Evolution
A new super Homogenizer from Bertin.
Precellys Evolution is the most efficient & flexible homogenizer.
- Super fast: up to 10 000rpm for very hard samples
- Super strong: high quality manufacturing
- Super flexible: 4 sizes of tubes from 0,5ml to 15ml
- Super efficient: powerful 3D motion
- Super easy: automatic tubes locking system
TipOne pipette tip system
Our new generation TipOne UltraPoint pipette tips feature significant improvements
- UltraPoint orifice with extremely small diameter
- Flexible tip collar for easy loading and ejection of tips
- Environmentally-friendly due to less plastic usage
- Excellent clarity for better visual sample identification
- Graduated at 10µl, 50µl and 100µl
- A perfect fit with all popular pipettes
- Filter versions available for maximum protection against aerosols
New laboratory bottle from Duran
It’s very rare to see new models of laboratory bottles. Last time was 1972 when Schott
launched their famous blue cap GL45 laboratory bottle. Now it time again!
Youtility – the new laboratory bottle from Schott
- Labeling system with autoclave indicator
- Better grip
- Better usage of plastic in the cap
- Color coding
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